С днем рождения

You’ve decided to get a kitten?

In new homes kittens are given not earlier than

-3 months.

We raise our kittens with love and care. Kittens to three months in completely socially adapted,

— fully vaccinated, accustomed to the tray and sharpen claws.

All kittens, regardless of class, get documents about the origin and veterinary passport with all vaccinations.

As a pet, before moving into a new house go castration / sterilization.




 It is important to have your hands get our kids, so when ordering a kitten please introduce yourself:

   — Name, Surname, the purpose of acquiring a kitten !!! Place of residence or if the nursery site address (if any) …


Before the take a kitten, it is necessary to resock buy in what you will take.






Ch.Elka GarfieldCat


Черный кот на сердце


(m) n 01

(m) n 02

(m) n 03

(f) f 02

(f) f 03

 Irma BoniCat

 male/мальчик  n 03 — available/свободен



 female/девочка f 03 — available/свободна





Ch.Elka GarfieldCat

Черный кот на сердце


е 03

е 01

h 01

b 01

 Kiara Gudvange’s


 female/девочка  e 03 — available/свободна




Litter ….





«Available» — the kitten is open for reservation.
«Order» — a kitten showed interest, satisfied the conditions of a potential new owner, but the final decision is still pending, and this kitten can be reserved.
«Reserve» — made ​​bail and kitten no longer available.
«under observation the cattery» — kitten held cattery, maybe it will be available in the future for the reserve.
«Reserve the cattery» — the kitten stays with us.


Reserve a kitten is 30% of the cost. Reserved kitten removed from sale and no one else offered. In case of refusal to reserve a kitten from the buyer, the deposit is not refundable and kitten put up for sale