About us

 Welcome to our public cattery  «GarfieldCat»!


We are glad to see you on our site !!!


We are engaged breeding of British Shorthair cat breed. On our site you can get acquainted with our pets a variety of colors — bicolor and tricolor Vans, Harlequin and favorite classic colors. And just to get a kitten or learn a lot of interesting information.

Cattery «GarfieldCat» officially registered in the system TICA (The Internationa Cat Association) 01.02.20011.

(Certificates modified for copy protection)

We also registered cattery in another felinological system ASC (Alliance Super Cats). Our pets are actively participating in exhibitions.

By the time of the sale of all the kittens are vaccinated, accustomed to the tray, scratching posts, dry food and natural food. All kittens, regardless of class, receive documents on the origin and veterinary passport with all vaccinations. In new homes kittens leave no earlier than 3 months of age, with castration / sterilization. Our kittens are raised and kept at home in constant contact with people, which is one of the conditions for friendly and sociable cats. We always support all our graduates.

Make your choice — and let it be successful, because the cat must carry into the house only positive emotions!